The chameleon DS-2D Ergo is a special hairdressing scissors with a 2-demensional thumb ring rotating 360° vertical. Flat snap in screw, fixed fingerrest. The flat snap in screw guarantees a constant smooth movement at the pivot point and is sunk into the handle to avoid tangling of the hair. A new screw system at the thumb ring allows an unbreached surface on the inside of the ring to avoid skin irritation and the rotation in all directions is absolutely smooth and frictionless. With the new handle design you can operate these high tech scissors like any other pair of scissors as you are used to like holding them in your closed hand while working with the comb. The handle will be delivered with an ergonomical fixed finger rest. This handle can be combined with all blades of the Chameleon series.

Chameleon Klingen

Chameleon blade 5.0, Chameleon blade 5.5, Chameleon blade 5.8, Chameleon blade 6.3, Chameleon blade 6.8, Chameleon blade MOD EU, Chameleon blade MOD JA, Chameleon blade Space Cut EU, Chameleon blade Space Cut JA


CHAMELEON DS-2D – Japanese thinning scissors

 1.582,70 / incl. 19% VAT - plus shipping

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