Griff Chameleon DS Flex

CHAMELEON DS-Flex – Japanese hairdressing scissors

Ultimate flexibility. Thumb ring can be tilted in all directions and rotated through 360 °. Of course with all the advantages of the Chameleon series.

 1.582,70 / incl. 19% VAT - plus shipping

HASAMI has once again brought a world first to the market: the Chameleon DS-FLEX. Its main feature is the ability to tilt the thumb eye in all directions and at the same time rotate it through 360 °. This makes creative people really enjoy working on new grip and cutting techniques. This handle can be combined with all blades of the Chameleon series.

Chameleon Klingen

Chameleon blade 5.0, Chameleon blade 5.5, Chameleon blade 5.8, Chameleon blade 6.3, Chameleon blade 6.8, Chameleon blade MOD EU, Chameleon blade MOD JA, Chameleon blade Space Cut EU, Chameleon blade Space Cut JA


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