Griff Chameleon Black

Handle Chameleon Black

Coated ergonomic handle with all the advantages of the Chameleon series.

 1.166,20 / incl. 19% VAT - plus shipping

The handle of the Chameleon Black is steamed with a pleasant, non-slip coating: always perfectly balanced, regardless of which blade is combined. If you want to change to a different size one day or want to make thinning scissors out of your Chameleon Black – it is done in a few simple steps. It is equipped with a flat, locking adjustment screw, ergonomically shaped handle and a fixed finger rest. Flexibility at the highest level.

Chameleon blades

Chameleon blade 5.0, Chameleon blade 5.5, Chameleon blade 5.8, Chameleon blade 6.3, Chameleon blade 6.8, Chameleon blade MOD EU, Chameleon blade MOD JA, Chameleon blade Space Cut EU, Chameleon blade Space Cut JA


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