Chameleon Harajuku Griff

Handle Chameleon Harajuku

 2.142,00 / incl. 19% VAT - plus shipping

Strictly limited with an extravagant design and the patented changeable blade technology.

The HASAMI Harajuku with its unique design is a strictly limited extraordinary pair of scissors of the Chameleon-series. No other pair of scissors combines the precision of japanese craftsmanship with the creativity of the trendsetting youth of Japan in the town of Harajuku the melting pot of fashion and art. Design, comfort and exclusivity combined with Japanese precision. These extravagant scissors are named after a district of Tokyo, the ultimate center of Japanese fashion culture.

Chameleon blades

Chameleon blade 5.0, Chameleon blade 5.5, Chameleon blade 5.8, Chameleon blade 6.3, Chameleon blade 6.8, Chameleon blade MOD EU, Chameleon blade MOD JA, Chameleon blade Space Cut EU, Chameleon blade Space Cut JA


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